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Sim City 5 Preview

The evolution of the Sim City series continues with Sim City 5, which is shaping up to be the strongest of all the games in the franchise.  What makes this game so different from the rest, you ask?  First off, Sim City 5 will finally bring multiplayer play into the picture, allowing you to interact with friends.   While most people are certainly exciting about the prospect of being able to engage in multiplayer activities for the first time via a Sim City game, the word on the street is that internet access is going to be required just to play the game.  Perhaps this won’t upset most people, but it could present a point of controversy for others who aren’t as connected.

In the same way that cities expand and grow, so has the Sim City series.  For example, Sim City 4 allowed players to create independent cities which could then be connected, which was certainly a step up from what the earlier games allowed you to do.  Likewise, SC5 is upping the ante once more; now gamers have dominion over their own region which they can build separate cities in.  Interestingly, you can invite other players to set up in your region; in other words, multiplayer assignments aren’t random (so no need to worry about crazy trolls).   You can actually trade and participate in open markets and/or offer assistance to your neighbors should they need it.  Speaking of which, Sim City 5 is going to incorporate the concept of a global economy.  The city you build will become part of a larger economic model, whether you like it or not.  It’s an interesting take on the series and is certain to add another dynamic layer in terms of strategy.

Arguably, one of the most interesting features of Sim City 5 is the ability to deviate from the standard format of the traditional city.  Now we have the ability to engage in the creation of more customized cities and locales.  Additionally, now we can build roads which curve!  Quite a lot of time and effort went into the creation of a number of individual “classes” or types of cities as well.  Basically, your city’s economy, resources, citizenry, principal markets and exports/imports will all help to determine its position in the simulated global economy.

There are so many ways to approach a game like Sim City 5, the possibilities are nearly limitless.  Given that the game’s creators are adding the ability to participate with others in a multiplayer capacity, and via a global economic model no less, is really very inspiring and massively epic.  Sim City 5 isn’t due to hit the stores until 2013, who knows what they’ll add to the game between now and then?

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