A Fistful of Gold

TITLE A Fistful of Gold
GENRE Strategy

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A Fistful Of Gold is an RTS game with few innovations influenced by other genres. It’s set in medieval times, but the reality is twisted here, with a slight Wild West movie feeling and things like strange monsters, incredible weapons and even flying machines.

The most important is open gameplay. Basically it means that you have a set goal, but it’s up to you how to reach it. At any time there are various missions and tasks available and you can choose anyone you want. Of course, at the beginning at least, you are limited by your resources (people, weapons, etc.) and skills so taking up the hardest job wouldn’t be wise.

Another twist is that there’s no need to build anything during a battle. When you fight, you should be focused on combat only. You do most of your resource management separately, in towns, by successful investments, trading, maintaining good relationships with other people, hiring and training team members, etc.

Also, similar to RPG games, you can build your team and develop characters by yourself. Pick fresh people for each job if you want (it’s cheaper in a short term), but for best results you better find a few good and trusty men and make them the core of your team. When properly trained and equipped, their skills develop and in return you will gain powerful and loyal soldiers for a long time.

  • Twisted medieval reality with a Wild West movie touch.
  • Truly non-linear plot – gameplay is based on missions which can be taken in various combinations, completed partially or even completely skipped.
  • Little towns serving as places for information exchange, socializing, trading, investments, hiring and training your team, getting tasks and claiming rewards
  • Development of characters by learning in bounty hunter schools or in the hard way, by fighting bandits
  • Gathering resources for your missions by collecting bounties and spoils of war, trading in towns or successful investments
  • Handle your battles properly – sometimes you will have to think, sometimes just a brute force will do
    Build your team carefully for each mission. Each person have different skills so do some reconnaissance first, recruit and equip people later.
  • Try to keep your men alive – the more battles they fight, the more experienced and powerful they become

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