The Rarest and Most Valuable Xbox Games You Need to Know

While there aren’t as many cult classics on the original Xbox as there are on the PS2 and Gamecube, there are still some gems and oddities in the library that collectors try to snag. Many of the games mentioned below, including Gamecube games on the Wii, benefit greatly from being backwards compatible on newer Xbox hardware.

We know it sounds surprising that not only at that you will come across classic online blackjack games, rather the same can be said for Xbox games.

On that note, let’s share with you the rarest and most valuable Xbox games that you need to know.


STEEL BATTALION: $250 – $500

The initial Xbox was a fascinating venture into the console wars. This is an American engineering behemoth adapting PC architecture and attempting to disrupt the industry.

Despite the fact that Microsoft had a difficult time attracting strong Japanese developer support, those who did sign on were eager to take advantage of the company’s hardware capabilities.

At the same time, Capcom was part of the developers that went on to develop the Xbox and they took online gambling south africa to a new level with Steel Battalion.


OUTRUN 2006 COAST 2 COAST: $105 – $175

Sega has plenty of other fantastic franchises under their belt, but they’ve failed to do them justice in recent years. However, when it came to retaining the exhilarating arcade feel in a modern gaming environment, the Outrun franchise’s 21st century revival hit the nail on the head.

Outrun 2: Coast 2 Coast (which is the same game with some extra modes, vehicles, and redesigned levels) did not receive a significant production run on the Xbox, despite being relatively abundant [and still affordable] on the PS2.

FUTURAMA: $70 – $205 ($1200 SEALED)

When this console game adaptation was in the works, the cult-classic animated series from Matt Groening was struggling to find a mass audience on Fox. The show was cancelled in 2003, the same year that the game was out.

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