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Who remembers that classic game that become so popular with Nokia phones back in the 1990’s? You must realise that I am referring to the game Snake. It was a simple game bundled with most Nokia mobiles and became as iconic as that dreaded bleeping Nokia ring tone. Yes, the 1990’s was a great period for many reasons. However, is ready to give you something that follows a similar foundation within a new formula. Let’s take a look at what has to offer.


Firstly, I should mention that can be found on Poki is free to play and can be enjoyed from any flash enabled browser.

The aim of the game is to control a snake using your computer mouse as the guidance. You’ll see loads of glowing orbs scattered across the grid, which is ultimately food for your snake. The more orbs you move across, the larger and wider the snake you’re controlling will be. This is where the real challenge starts – things become increasingly more difficult. Add to this, other snakes are roaming around acting as obstacles – it’s your mission to avoid colliding with them.

The graphics are colourful and pleasing and complement gameplay very well. The sound effects provide the arcade vibe. Your score is calculates by the final length of your snake at the point you finish. From here you’re able to send your score over to Facebook or Twitter to show your friends that impressive score you may have achieved. Also, by doing this, extra skins can be unlocked as an added rewards – how awesome is that? Furthermore, there is a leaderboard which adds a competitive edge.

Slither is a great game that will have you glued to the screen for many hours. For me, I label it the modern version of Nokia’s Snake, after all, it’s similar in many ways. Definitely give this game a try if you’re in boredom mode – it will soon have you wanting more.

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