Adventures Of Robinson Crusoe Cheats

Extra in-game hints:
Locate numbers/inscriptions in each of the scenes to unlock extra in-game hints.

The Witch:
Click the crystal ball to get a hint. The first hint is free, but each hint after that costs 20 seconds. Here are the solutions:

1. RIP
2. Bottle
3. Crow
4. Goblet
5. Shell
6. Wheel
7. Crystal
8. Onion
9. Cabbage
10. Mushroom
11. Cauldron
12. Watermelon
13. Sunflower
14. Feather
15. Map

Finding the dragon egg:

Find the top of the trowel that is somewhere on the left. Use it to dig in the ground. The dragon egg is buried.

Getting the sickle:
Pull the chain then immediately grab it.

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