AdventureX 2 Cheats

Do the following to complete the game:

-Get the cup under the bed in bedroom, then notice the paintings near the bed.
-Go right to fireplace and notice the two arrows that point to a certain tile. Click on that tile and get the valve.
-Go right to the gym and take a weight.
-Go right to the toilet and click on the pipe below the rightmost urinal and get the aerosol.
-Zoom in on the sink and click on the left sink to get the pliers.
-Go back one scene. Use the valve on the water pipe. The faucets will now run. Use the cup to take some water.
-Go right to the bedroom again and use the water on the paintings. You must refill the cup to use at the paintings. At the end you should have four numbers.
-Use the aerosol on mirror to get the fifth number.
-Use the pliers on the wiring near the dresser to get a wire.
-Refill the cup with water, then go to the fireplace. Put out the fire with water.
-Go to the gym. Connect the wire. Work out the sum to the puzzle (11114321), and enter the result using the cycling bike.
-Take out the key and the wire you previously attached. Go to the fireplace.
-Insert the key into the hole and go down.
-Take the cutter and funnel. Go back to the bedroom.
-Use the cutter to cut the lamp and take the pole.
-Go back to the basement. Put the pole into the hole at the ground and put the weight you had taken earlier. You must put four of the weights in. Also, fill the cup with the green liquid. Note: If the cup is not empty, empty it at the urinal.
-After putting all those in, the door should open.
-At the red box, fill up the box using the funnel and green liquid. Attach the wire and you will see eight boxes of numbers. Notice that the symbol that is “pi”. You need the numerical values of “pi”.
-Look at the grey boxes above the exit sign and compare those to the ones on the red box. Enter the value of “pi” in the grey boxes and you will see that the tenth grey box is actually the ninth decimal place in the value of “pi”. Thus look for the values, as according to the white boxes, but -1 in placement. Enter “37249013” at the red box.
-Enter in the correct values and you are out.

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