Chaos League: Sudden Death

TITLE Chaos League: Sudden Death
GENRE Strategy
DEVELOPER Cyanide Studio
UK PUBLISHER Digital Jesters

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Official Fact Sheet:

The chaos is back! Chaos League: Sudden Death takes off where the original game left off, improved and enhanced to take the real-time, role-playing strategy sports title into a whole new world of pain. The first rule of Chaos League is simple: there are no rules. The aim of the game stays the same – score as many goals as possible…any way possible. Added to the brutal mix are new races, new grounds, 19 additional hero characters, improved commentary, additional in game options such as auto spell casting…and the ability to beat up the referee! In multiplayer, opponents can goad each other via microphone, and fresh tournament modes can be managed to create almost limitless leagues.

  • Improved presentation including replays, player cam, improved commentary, and optimised interface.
  • New illicit practices – place a bounty on an opponent to be taken out of the game
  • 4 new grounds, reworked stadium atmospheres and supporter tribes with their own spells
  • 3 new races with differing weather conditions
  • 19 new heroes and a new player type (captain) with 40 more players
  • Possibility of action combos during match to gain certain advantages from spectators
  • Improved and varied AI. Opportunity to confer a role on a player. For example, to act like a receiver or defender.
  • New magic system with twice as many spells and skills
  • Unlockable bonus scenarios and special teams
  • Possibility to attack referee if you have a disagreement!
  • New type of solo league with ability to play against game’s AI
  • Turn-based system improved
  • Improved management aspect, with players under contract, wages, and undertakings to sponsors
  • New stats, cemetery and background pages on each race and hero

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