Fable III Review

Fable III for PC Review

With Fable I and II being huge successes, there indeed was a great burden on the developers of Fable III to live up to those standards. Though the expectations of most Fable aficionados were that it would be a hit and miss game, the game indeed exceeds their expectations. However, there were some who found the game too simple, or that there was not much to do. With impactful graphics, great voice acting and outstanding game-play, which is much in line with its previous parts, Fable III successfully meets the high marks that the developers were aiming for and the players were waiting for.


PC gamers can now explore the enchanting world of Albion as Fable III has finally made its way from Xbox to the PC – the gaming platform choice of many. Those who are new to Fable can easily catch up with the story of the past two parts as the main theme and the plot is explained in the starting 10 minutes of Fable III.

Your elder brother, the king is an evil dictator who needs to be removed from the throne. You manage to escape from his castle, but are now faced with the task of uniting tribes and towns of Albion, creating a stage for uprising. The player is faced with several good and evil hurdles and is required to make choices that will alter the future quests and the reactions of NPCs.

The game will entice you and keep you on your couch for quite some time. The creators have tried to maintain the interesting plot and the storyline of the earlier two parts, but have also added a good share of side distractions and quests that add lots of replay value to the game. The Canine companion, following throughout the game, adds an interesting touch by sniffing secret treasures and buried chests, which can be sold or used and prove his significance in the battle. Combat in this game has been split into ranged, magical and melee attacks. In transiting from console to PC, the fighting system has been quite simplified and the player is required to wield only one of these three at once. This may make combat a little less strategic, but with the correct mouse control of the range of available weapons, they may prove to be more functional than before.


The game-play of Fable III on PC is exactly the same as with the Xbox 360 version, but a great effort has been put in by Lionhead to make sure that this was not a lazy console rip-off title. The new hardcore mode increases the difficulty level by presenting more aggressive enemies and stopping automatic regeneration of health. Though the mouse and keyboard gives much more control during combats, holding a key for making conversations may be tiresome.


The graphics of Fable III on PC very well match the quality of their earlier console versions. Great vistas and views have been created by increasing the draw distances, thus producing immaculate visuals. Oddly, this does not apply to NPCs, who pop into your view when entering new areas.


Though the main storyline is a little short and suffers from some plot holes, there is an abundance of added contents that keeps the interest alive. You can also invite your friends through Games in Windows Live, and together explore Albion, making Fable III a splendid adventure.

8 / 10

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