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Memphis Jookin – AR Dancer Review

Dance your way to success with the Free Android app: ‘Memphis Jookin – AR Dancer‘. This app is simply a taster / promotion for the upcoming Memphis Jookin G2G game. If you love dancing genre games, then this app is certainly one to check out.

Through Menfes Interactive, Memphis Jookin G2G (Generation to Generation) will bring the future of dance to the present.

What features will Memphis Jookin G2G’s ground-breaking Gameplay offer?

• Create endless dance move combinations.

• Attend an interactive school that teaches a dance.

• Work your way into a MMO virtual dance community.

• In this new age fantasy, climb your way up the industrial ladder of an intergalactic dance world gaining:

– Entrepreneurial status to sell in-game products while building a consumer network
based on your skills.
– Receive real world virtual endorsements and All-Time Rank status.
– Special “god like” upgrades to become an urban dance legend.
– Host your own tournaments on our servers.
– Own properties that are used by your user network.

• Once a legend, your personal network is supplemented with additional bonuses and upgrades as you grow because of their connection to your wealth, power and respect……until they think they are as good as you.

• Communicate with qualified users through a virtual email system that allows challengers get in your face and show a virtual dance demonstration to “call you out” or “join your squad” based on user status ranking.

• Play for real product prizes in live hosted game tournaments. (Free Entry at any level).

• Physically develop your character in every way for Free by gaining gameplay upgrades.

• Earn Upgrades for your characterʼs gear to power up your style (without added user detail) for a limited time during gameplay.

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