Pro Cycling Manager 2012 Review

The concept of managing a team of cyclists over time in an effort to win a coveted title might seem slightly boring to some sports fans; those of us who can appreciate it however, know just how exciting cycling can be.  Pro Cycling Manager 2012 allows you to assume the role of a manager tasked with helping a team of cyclists strategize a winning season.  While this sounds easy in theory, it’s actually not; as it turns out, there’s quite a bit of strategy involved in this sort of title.

Naturally, those who actually have an active interest in competitive will definitely be more interested in a game like this than those who could care less about the sport.  In other words, if you’re even slightly apprehensive about cycling, you might want to dodge this one.  Although, on the other hand, there are plenty of other sports game which place you in the shoes of a manager; so, if you enjoy that sort of activity perhaps you will also enjoy this wonderful game as well?


Graphically speaking, this is a great looking game.  All of the simulated on-screen action is very crisp looking and runs very smoothly on a system with the appropriate requirements.  Now, does this mean that the game’s graphics are comparable to some of the top-tier titles out right now?  Definitely not; although PCM2012 isn’t really attempting to compete with shooters or adventure games, at its heart this title is all about strategy.


As you might expect there are a lot of interface screens which allow you to control all manner of aspects related to your team and the event they’re racing in.  The fact is, you’re not going to discover anything particularly new in terms of what you’re probably already used to seeing strategy games employ from a control perspective.

Having said that, the control mechanisms for Pro Cycling Manager 2012 are very solid and highly intuitive; the hardest thing about this game is really absorbing the basics and rules.


First off, this game requires a bit of patience; you’re not going to be able to jump into PCM2012 and attain instant results. However, for those who love cycling and aren’t easily discouraged, this game will really bring you hours of enjoyment. As previously stated, this is a game that’s very much focused on all aspects of cycling, so if you’re even the least bit interested in the sport, you’ll find this game to be perfectly in order.

Rating 8 / 10

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