Kaos War: Rise of the Fallen

TITLE Kaos War: Rise of the Fallen
DEVELOPER Shattered Reality Interactive
US PUBLISHER To Be Announced
UK PUBLISHER To Be Announced

Official Fact Sheet:

In the beginning there was the universe and in it there was only Chaos. Through conflict, parts of Chaos where divided into Dark and Light. The Dark called themselves the Al’Gar and the Light became the Deva, each believed themselves to be pure, better then Chaos.

Because of their undivided nature both Deva and Al’Gar where gifted with enormous mystical powers. Both sides used their powers in an attempt to shape the universe into their own opposite images. For millenia they waged war, conquering realm after realm, building two incredible empires engaged in a constant struggle.

Throughout this time humans lived their lives, unaware of the war that had taken a grip of their universe, unaware of the continued struggles of the Deva and Al’Gar and their ultimate goal to eliminate Chaos and bring their own sense of order to the universe. Until the day the portals tore open and in a twist of fate the Deva and Al’Gar both invaded the last free world at the exact same time.

The struggle between the titans bought humanity time, time which many other worlds never had. Through determination and ingenuity they quickly found ways to harness the powers of Light and Darkness and use them to make a last stand to preserve mankind. With large parts of the world in ruin, the survivors are caught in the midst of the raging center of the war between the Deva and the Al’Gar. Recognising Kaos as the final battleground, both the Deva and the Al’Gar establish themselves firmly on opposite sides of the battlefield, surrounding the last human city.

  • Kaos War is played from a 3rd person perspective, with a 3rd person action controls. Unlike most MMO games Kaos War delivers realtime action allowing the player to direct his weapons or powers in combat.
  • The game offers a blend of melee weapons, ranged weapons and mystic powers and aims to balance out this blend by for example allowing melee weapons to be used to deflect certain attacks. (Although far from indefinately)
  • A leveled player character within Kaos War is based on a balance between opposing abilities, such as: Strength vs. Dexterity and Constitution vs. Agility. These abilities can be leveled up by simply using them, Strength for example being increased by wielding a sword and Dexterity by using a handgun.
  • By using this approach to character progression Kaos War does away with classes and instead allows you to define your own class by leveling your character achieving a certain balance of abilities and skills. An advanced morphing system causes the physique of your character to reflect his or her abilities.
  • The world of Kaos is above all things a living world, this includes frequent live events based on the state of the world, an ever changing economy based on the laws of supply and demand, a wide range of interiors and player housing, advanced guild functionalities, accomodations and other perks and meaningful Race vs. Race gameplay.

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