Sparkling Poker Review

Are you a poker fanatic? If you enjoy playing poker then you might want to check out the free iPhone and iPad app ‘Sparkling Poker’.

This app is beautifully displayed with a 3D poker table, and this app doesn’t require an internet connection to play. The game is designed for a 2-5 player game. You can connect with friends locally and play via Bluetooth, allowing you to play with other friends with the same device.

Useful tips on how to play:

1. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on all player devices
2. Use one device, preferably an iPad, as Poker table: Select “Cash Game” or “Tournament Game” from the menu and select “Start Game”
3. Select “Join Table” on the other devices and start playing.
4. You can set a bet by dragging on a chip stack from top to bottom.

Whilst ‘Sparkling Poker’ doesn’t allow you to connect with random players across the world, which would certainly be a useful feature, the app is perfect if you have a few mates who have a passion for poker and own iPad or iPhone. This app if perfect for the ‘local multiplayer’ experience. This neat little app is definitely worth checking out, *useless you’re a lone wolf, and after all it’s free!

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