Monsters, Inc: Scare Island

TITLE Monsters, Inc: Scare Island
GENRE Action
DEVELOPER To Be Announced
US PUBLISHER Disney Interactive Studios
UK PUBLISHER Disney Interactive Studios
NORDIC PUBLISHER Disney Interactive Studios

Official Fact Sheet:

Welcome to Disney/Pixar’s ”Monsters, Inc. Scare Island,” where H.P. Waternoose, the CEO of Monsters, Inc., sends his best scarers to train! All the best monster scarers have learned the tricks of the trade at Monsters, Inc. Academy on Scare Island, and as luck would have it, you’ve just been enrolled! On Scare Island, you’ll encounter the ”Nerves,” robots created by the training staff to simulate different children. Your job is to scare all the ”Nerves” in the game (36 total) – accomplish this and you’ll graduate as a ”Top Scarer!” Some are tougher to scare and make scream than others — you’ll need all of Mike and Sulley’s 18 unique scream moves to accomplish this goal. Along the way, you’ll train across desert, arctic and city environments, as well as the Monsters, Inc. Academy. So get ready to perfect your skills and see if you have what it takes to be a top scarer!

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