No Man’s Land

TITLE No Man’s Land
GENRE Strategy
DEVELOPER Related Designs
US PUBLISHER CDV Software Entertainment USA

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Official Fact Sheet:

Westward Ho! In No Mans Land, the player leads the colonization of the American continent between 1600 und 1900. In three campaigns, divided into 30 diversified missions, the player sees the historical development of this era from the viewpoint of six different ethnic groups: Englishmen, settlers, American patriots, Spaniards and forest- and prairie Indians.

The units are able to swim, dive and act in day- and night missions, with morale and experience being highly valued. Features closely related to the game theme, such as horse saddling or railway construction, offer additional possibilities beyond their atmospheric value.

As to content, the campaigns follow a coherent storyline which is embedded in the historic surroundings without having the exact rendering of particular events dictating the course of the game. Rather, the missions play in the background of such events in order to provide the player with reference points and to intensify the atmosphere.

  • New 3D graphics engine with freely zoomable and rotatable terrain
  • 3 campaigns, each with its own storyline
  • 30 missions and additional training missions
  • 3 epochs: from colonization to settlement of the West
  • 6 ethnic groups (Englishmen, settlers, American patriots, Spaniards and forest- and prairie Indians)
  • Each ethnic group has its individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Historically researched units and buildings
  • Technical progress: from rafts to railway
  • Day- and night missions
  • Summer- and winter landscapes
  • Random map generator
  • LAN- and Internet multiplayer

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