Ostrich Runner

TITLE Ostrich Runner
GENRE Racing
US PUBLISHER To Be Announced
UK PUBLISHER To Be Announced

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Official Fact Sheet:

ORUNNER is a race of ostriches. While they can run, jump, avoid traps and obstacles, evade enemies, collect power-ups, fight competing ostriches, use multiple features (such as catapults) and gain capabilities, the player only has to react. The controls, menus, power-ups and everything in the game was designed to be intuitive and easy to use.

While the game allows usual multiplayer and single player racing, it also gives a story to follow. A graphical map shows the universe to explore and the player selects the next world to enter. In that sense ORUNNER follows the traditions of any platform game, where seeing what’s left to explore and the new levels as they open pushes the player to play more.

Finally, ORUNNER is probably the only game that actually looks like a movie… a cartoon, actually. Our home engine really gives the impression of watching a quality cartoon – not only do the protagonists and the world around them look and move exactly like you’d expect them to do, but even all the effects, such as dust, fire, water or any shock will surprise you with their coherence.

  • 4 worlds with completely different graphics, obstacles and enemies
  • 2 secret levels and bonus racers and clothing
  • more than 10 different power-ups
  • non-linear tracks (hidden or closing shortcuts, etc)
  • progressive difficulty and in-game tutorial
  • state of art exclusive graphical engine
  • a choice between a variety of racers
  • 3 different game modes
  • up to 7 competitors (AI)
  • up to 8 players in LAN
  • up to 4 players in split screen mode

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