Pacific Storm: Allies

TITLE Pacific Storm: Allies
GENRE Strategy
DEVELOPER Lesta Studio
US PUBLISHER CDV Software Entertainment USA
UK PUBLISHER Excalibur Publishing
NORDIC PUBLISHER Excalibur Publishing

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Official Fact Sheet:

Pacific Storm: Allies gives you new units to construct, new historical locations to visit, a diplomatic system that allows you to form alliances and a brand new version of the engine that brings better graphics than ever… The improved multiplayer system will push the experience of playing with people over the internet or on the same local network to the top of the realism tree. Every scenario, map, and element has been created based on historical archives. Those who love WWII history will love this game.

Your fleet in Pacific Storm: Allies includes battleships, aircraft carriers, destroyers, cruisers, missile cruisers, submarines and torpedo boats as well as tankers and transports. The aerial war is conducted using fighters (at first piston-powered and in later stages jet fighters), attack aircraft, torpedo bombers and strategic bombers. There are 86 different types of unit, all carefully modeled from WWII-era aircraft and ships, in the game. Also, you can develop new technologies and create new weapons systems, which may almost instantly overturn the global balance of power. About 100 technological improvements (upgrades) enhancing combat effectiveness of warships and military aircraft are available. In addition to the strategic mode with its 127 different Pacific zones and 40 naval bases, you can play 20 historical battles, including the Battle of Midway, the attack on the Japanese admiral Yamamoto’s plane and the battle for Guadalcanal.

  • Pacific Storm: Allies organically combines three genres into one coherent whole in one game: strategy, tactics and aircraft simulator. After attacking your enemy on strategic level you may switch to tactical level and if you want you can take direct control of almost any of your units.
  • Realistic 3D models: now the game offers 45 types of ships, 80 types of aircraft, 25 types of guided missiles and many other game objects.
  • Special unit editor where you can create new units as well as modify old ones is available on strategic level.
  • Large-scale naval and air operations on the global map of the Pacific including Australia, Eastern part of North America, Oceania and part of India from 1940-1948. Possibility to change history during the Historical campaign.
  • Experience system. The crew now become more experienced with every battle. New possibility of forming elite squads has also been introduced.
  • Beautiful Pacific 3D environments and terrain (up to 2000 square miles). Realistic weather effects (fog, wind, rain) and change of day.
  • Stunning special effects including nuclear bomb explosions and astonishing ocean backgrounds.
  • Many tactical missions with the possibility to choose the side to play for: Japan, US, or Allies. Tactical battle deployment mode in which one can create any battle on one of the 50 tactical Pacific maps, choose weather conditions and time of day, as well as units and ammunition; Using this tool one can reconstruct almost any WWII Pacific battle of WWII.
  • Besides strategic Historical Campaign (composition of forces at the start is close to actual history) and Free Campaign (composition of forces is simplified) available in original game, Allies introduce Arcade Mode which greatly simplifies the strategic and tactical part of the game.
  • Ability to develop new technologies including increasing the power rating of aircraft engines to guided missiles technology, biological and nuclear weapons.
  • Switching from strategic to tactical level (and back) keeping all battle parameters, unit numbers and their ammunition and characteristics, time of day, weather conditions.
  • Improved game control in the strategic mode allowing effective base management, mission planning and supply management. Rich time control options (slow motion, acceleration and controlled pause).
  • Multiplayer for 8 players with 3 game modes: tactical battle deployment mode, simulator mode and cooperative mode where two players can join forces in a mission.

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