Pure Pinball

TITLE Pure Pinball
GENRE Action
US PUBLISHER Simon&Schuster
UK PUBLISHER Iridon Entertainment
NORDIC PUBLISHER Iridon Entertainment

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Official Fact Sheet:

The true spirit of pinball has been captured. Pure Pinball is the definitive next-generation flipper fest extravaganza, featuring real-time 3D table designs powered by hundreds of thousands of polygons!

With super-responsive flipper control and ball movement, Pure Pinball gives players the feeling of experiencing full size pinball machines on hand. Featuring the Excessive Speed, World War, and Runaway Train pinball tables, Pure Pinball delivers an unprecedented level of silver-ball realism, making it the state-of-the-art computer pinball simulation of all time.

  • Awesome table architecture visualized in real-time 3D resulting in jaw-dropping graphics; each table comes alive powered by more than 100,000 real-time rendered polygons.
  • Maximum flipper control with a multi-ball capable physics engine, calculating ball movement more than 1500 times per second.
  • Multiple camera setups only made possible through real-time 3D graphics; view the pinball tables in complete overview, ball close-up, ball follow, or traditional scrolling style.
  • Use of vertex shaders allow for over-the-top ball reflections and impressive metal surfaces on table elements.
  • Advanced T&L technology enable amazing special FX including metallic surface reflections, glass mirroring, and decorative flare and backlights.

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