Rallisport Challenge

TITLE Rallisport Challenge
GENRE Racing

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Official Fact Sheet:

RalliSport Challenge delivers an action-packed racing experience by combining four different types of Rally competition into one pulse-pounding game: Hill Climb, traditional Rally, RallyCross, and Ice Racing.

This variety of race types allows for gamers to experience traditional rally racing against the clock, as well as fierce, wheel-to-wheel grudge matches against computer opponents or over a network against friends. With 29 licensed cars (and several ‘bonus’ vehicles), 48 tracks, realistic AI opponents, and spectacular crashes with realistic car damage, RalliSport Challenge packs more fun and thrills into every race across a variety of terrain.

  • Four different types of rally, all in one game – Race to the clouds in the Hill Climb events. Navigate rough country roads in traditional Rally. Fight for pole position in the bumper-to-bumper RallyCross and Ice Racing championships.
  • Twenty-nine Rally vehicles – Licensed vehicles from manufacturers like Audi, Citroen, Lancia, Ford, Subaru and Mitsubishi. The (in)famous Group “B” cars of the 1980’s are also included as part of this great assortment of vehicles. There are also “unlimited” vehicles including modified versions of a Toyota Tacoma Truck (850hp) and a Suzuki Grand Vitara (900+hp).
  • Race on 48 tracks across a wide variety of beautiful terrains and geographies – Rally in Safari challenges in East Africa, Ice Racing on frozen Nordic roads, or try hill climbs in the US Pacific Northwest. Players compete in photorealistic and dynamic environments, with colorful sky backdrops, incredible lighting effects and a mixture of surfaces and weather conditions for the ultimate test in driving skill.
  • Robust Career Mode – Starting off with a limited selection of Pro-class cars, players race through several different circuits to unlock the Expert, Classic, and finally, Unlimited car classes. Superb driving skills are awarded with points – the key to unlocking new cars and upper race circuits.
  • Advanced graphics and audio – RalliSport Challenge features immersive environments with swaying trees, animated crowds, animals avoiding the car’s path, and realistic particle effects as players race through mud, dirt, snow and water. The game also incorporates damage modeling.
  • Network Multiplayer – Join friends for intense wheel-to-wheel racing. Up to four players compete at one time.

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