Scooby-Doo: Double the Fun

TITLE Scooby-Doo: Double the Fun
GENRE Collection
DEVELOPER To Be Announced
UK PUBLISHER Avanquest Software Publishing
NORDIC PUBLISHER Avanquest Software Publishing

Official Fact Sheet:

  • The Glowing Bug Man: Scooby and the gang have been called to solve a mystery at the National History Museum. A Glowing Bug Man has been spotted wandering the halls. Exhibits are damaged, specimens mixed up, even the cafeteria is a wreck! Is this the work of the Glowing Bug Man? Help Scooby and the gang search for clues to discover the truth behind the case.
  • Jinx at the Sphinx: Scooby and the gang travel to Egypt to visit Velma’s cousin Thelma, an Egyptologist. They arrive only to find that Thelma is missing and a mysterious Mummy is terrorising the tourists! Uncover clues and eliminate suspects as you help the gang explore the ancient tombs and ruins. Find Thelma and wrap the Mummy up for good!

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