Silent Hill 3

TITLE Silent Hill 3
GENRE Action
US PUBLISHER Konami Digital Entertainment
UK PUBLISHER Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH
NORDIC PUBLISHER Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH

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Official Fact Sheet:

Silent Hill® 3 is the largest, most ambitious and gripping Silent Hill title to date. Moving away from the mist-shrouded streets of the first two games, Silent Hill 3 focuses on a new female character that shares a link with the sinister town. Heather, a carefree young lady, is on a trip to her local shopping center when her life is turned upside down. As she prepares to leave, the shops and brightly lit walkways are transformed into a dark, brooding place where eerie noises echo around the empty corridors and where grotesque, misshapen creatures can be glimpsed fleetingly amidst the shadows.

  • Trapped in this inhospitable world, Heather is forced to fight for her life. Grotesque apparitions and lumped shapes shadow her every move, while an army of bizarre creatures lurk in dark corners and empty rooms. Armed with whatever she can find – including pistols, a sub-machine gun and a steel pipe – Heather must fend off their advances while solving the mysteries that will gradually piece together why she is trapped in this hellish world.
  • Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo, Inc., is creating the PC edition of the title. Series producer Akira Yamaoka worked closely to ensure that the PC game is optimized for the improved capabilities offered by current PC hardware. This includes an aesthetic overhaul, with the PC version of Silent Hill® 3 enjoying higher resolution graphics than the PlayStation® 2 version of the game. In addition, a key feature of the PC game is that players will be able to save the game at any point during play, as opposed to using the red save points found in the console version.
  • Silent Hill® 3 represents a huge advance for the groundbreaking horror series. The high resolution graphics and incredible detail of the PC game truly brings the game’s dark corridors and blood stained rooms to life. Likewise, the striking camera angles, eerie sound effects and Yamaoka-san’s haunting musical compositions ensure that the player is kept in a permanent state of trepidation.

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