Smashing Fun in Smashy City

Flappy Bird, Crossy Road, and Smashy City—each game has a similar name. Flappy Bird brought back 2D, side-scrolling arcade magic to the masses. Crossy Road took the action into the third dimension, offering a modern Frogger that received much acclaim. Smashy City takes things a step further, forgoing the patience required by its predecessors. Smashy City puts unfathomable power into players’ hands. Continue King Kong’s legacy, terrorize towns, and get your picture on the cover of the Daily Smash newspaper.

Breaking Good

There’s only one objective in the entire game, and it’s quite simple: crush every single thing you see. You can flatten houses, smash trucks, and demolish office buildings. You’ll be faced with police cars, SWAT trucks, and military tanks. Your enemies have guns and explosives, and you have none. But you won’t need them. With enough anger and determination, you can wipe out an entire city of fools.

So Many Monsters

Crossy Road’s character collection grew from a few dozen to more than 200. Smashy City is starting with an admirable 45+ beasts. That many choices can be a bit daunting, so the characters are sorted by category. The most common ones range in shape and color, but share the same general abilities. For instance, Claire the Dino and Sylvester the Beast look nothing alike, but they’re both equally competent at destroying buildings. On the other hand, harder-to-attain monsters have additional abilities. Kat Le Pillar (a frighteningly large caterpillar) moves faster than most other monsters. Veronica the Velociraptor, another exotic beast, has extra speed and attack powers. The Epic class of monsters can have up to four boosted stats, which results in more destruction. They’re harder to unlock, but worth the cost of trying.

The Price of War

Smashy City pits you against everyone. Regular citizens will try to stay out of your way, looking to live peacefully in the busy city. Unfortunately (for them), your monster has other plans in mind. Its entire reason for existence is to destroy. Such a dark mission results in formidable enemies. In this game, you’ll face police officers, infantry units, and army pilots. All of them will risk their own lives to end yours. Smaller targets tend to be easier to defeat. Crushing police vehicles is as easy as taking one step forward. SWAT trucks and army tanks are harder to destroy. After you cause enough damage, helicopters will begin to swarm. They’ll fire missile after missile until someone gets their way. Will you slam the chopper to the ground, or will they ground you?

Going at It Again

There’s a lot of replay value in Smashy City. After each round, you’ll see how much damage you inflicted. Higher values (many millions of dollars) will result in more gift boxes, coins, and potentially, more characters. The wide selection of beasts is perhaps the key reason to keep playing. After all, you’ll need to earn the right to play as Gaynor the Gator. Hatch that beast’s egg, and you’ll understand why exotic monsters are the most lethal.

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