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Welcome to the Dark World of Happy Wheels

If, like many, you get easily addicted to video games and happen to have a very twisted and slightly morbid sense of humor, then you will enjoy this fascinating game. Happy Wheels has become a cult-classic because of its gut wrenching graphically violent gameplay and the challenging user generated levels regularly created by its users..


Its simplistic, but colorful graphics contrast with the gruesome wrecks that occur throughout the level – many times, proving to be completely unavoidable.

Follow along and learn how to play this treacherous game like a pro.

Starting out

You can play Happy Wheels on Once loaded, you can start off by choosing a level which vary from one another in terms of design and imagery, as well as difficulty. If you’re up to the challenge, you can use the options available in the editor level to design your own
adventure, which can be played and voted on by other players as well.

Once you have chosen a level, it’s time to select your character. This is part of what makes Happy Wheels so entertaining – among the character options, you can base your decision by the different modes of transportation, including Segways, Santa’s sleigh, lawn mowers and shared bicycles. Each vehicle acts differently, so remember to pick the character based on the level as some may be more adequate than others.


If you are interested in designing a level, be sure to design a challenging, unique and creative level using many shapes and items in order to make it more challenging for yourself and other players. There are many kinds of graphics available in the level editor, placing great graphics are available, placing your humor to the test and seeing just how far you are willing to go.

Ready to play

Once your character and level are chosen, you are ready to enjoy all of it’s gory as your character slams into objects causing intense damage such as dismemberment or killing off the character’s children (this game knows no limits when it comes to graphic violence). This is where we get to witness the darkest part of the game as your character may continue to play without limbs but will do so by bleeding the whole way through. However, once it’s decapitated, the game is over.

Enjoy over 20,000 levels of bloody yet challenging fun. See how far you can make it by competing against its 6 million users!

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