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New .io games are released seemingly every day. Some are good, some are bad, and others are practically perfect. In order for a game to go viral, it must appeal to a wide audience. How does that happen? Many of the most popular games don’t belong to just one genre. Mass appeal is often the result of combining genres and styles into one easy-to-learn, fun-to-play product. Tile Risers is a satisfying multiplayer game that certainly fits the bill for mass consumption.

The name “” doesn’t exactly exude excitement. But, the game is actually a 3D multiplayer adventure that combines math puzzles with highly competitive arcade action—unfortunately, it’s impossible to fit all of that pizzazz into a succinct title. When starting my first gaming session, I didn’t read any instructions. But, I knew exactly how to play instantly. I saw familiar numbers, recognized patterns, and started to advance quite quickly. An explanation came to me within seconds: I was playing 2048.


As you might remember from recent history, 2048 was a mobile and browser game sensation. Playing on a 4×4 grid, gamers slide identical tiles together to double their values. With each move, new tiles appear, filling up the board and making it harder to play. 2048 is a single-player game that requires chess-like strategy to beat. There is no direct competition with other gamers, because everyone plays on their own board. In 2048, you try to achieve the greatest tile value. And you are the only one who can get in your way. expands upon this idea, featuring larger grids, 3D stacking, and an integral multiplayer element. Instead of playing alone, gamers compete within the same realm. It’s like a highly advanced, futuristic version of 2048. In, you can stack tiles around obstacles, create traps for opponents, and transport yourself to new worlds. The “board” is a randomly generated, 3D field filled with bright hues. As you slide tiles and score, you will see pixelated clouds floating below. It is a beautiful world that looks different every time you play.

Unlike 2048, has no limits. If you are keen enough to achieve the 2048 tile, you can go further. During my most recent game, the leader had a towering stack worth 4,194,304. Such a high value is possible due to the unique leveling system—every so often, you can merge with a glowing cube and enter a new world. Each additional environment creates the possibility for higher numbers and previously unimaginable scores. Like any great game, raises the pressure in advanced levels. When you are in control of a high value, other players will seek to overpower your tower. As you go further, the stakes only get higher. Tile Risers makes 2048 look like ancient history. Whether or not you’ve played 2048, I recommend you jump into the universe and start stacking. The number-based .io game blends logic, sliding puzzles, and arcade warfare in a bunch of exciting, 3D multiplayer worlds.

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