SpellForce 2: Dragon Storm

TITLE SpellForce 2: Dragon Storm
GENRE Strategy

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Official Fact Sheet:

The magic portals, linking the shattered islands of Eo, are slowly loosing their magical powers… In a desperate search for a source that can replace the fading magic, the player and a band of heroes, set out on a journey following the path of the Soulbearer. They discover the ancient ruins of the corrupted Formers and their powerful enemies the dragons and will have to face a storm that will change the face of Eo forever.

Many obstacles will have to be overcome and the mysteries of Eo’s past uncovered through challenging quests in order to forge an alliance with the mighty dragons – as a leader of powerful armies, epic battles for both land and power await the player: The successful RPS genre-mix, the hallmark of the SpellForce series, once more will enthrall the players!

The player’s character governs not only the Shaikan’s doom, he is also called upon to defend the Realm of Men from invading armies, desperate to reach the lush lands of the Kingdom before the portals close on their own barren homeland. Only one can face the storm that threatens all Eo: Take part in the arising of a new Shaikan hero, it may fall on him to unite even the oldest of Races.

  • Single-player campaign with more than 30 hours of game play and 11 new maps in spectacular fantasy settings, continuing the SpellForce 2 storyline
    A completely new Shaikan faction with their powerful dragon titan!
  • Enhanced skill tree with the new Shaikan Skill section
  • Encounter new ferocious boss monsters, hideous enemies and overcome them with ingenious strategies!
  • Over 200 new items and new set items, some of which can be modified by the player with powerful enhancements
  • New summoning spells to create loyal pet companions
  • New Free game maps and the ultimate challenge: The Arena Quest that takes you across dozens of maps to create the ultimate weapon and face the most powerful of foes in the Arena
  • Face your opponents in stunning new maps for Player vs. Player battles including the Time Race, where two parties of heroes are pitted against each other in a desperate struggle to reach the prize that means victory
  • Experience the monumental clash of dragons waging war!

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