State of Emergency

TITLE State of Emergency
GENRE Action
DEVELOPER VIS Entertainment
US PUBLISHER Rockstar Games
UK PUBLISHER Rockstar Games

Official Fact Sheet:

State of Emergency is a “man against the mob” arcade-like fighting game where you are a member of an underground resistance movement, dedicated to liberating your people from the oppressive Corporation. Use hand to hand combat, weapons, and anything you can find on the street. Hundreds of people are rioting as you fight for freedom – be careful!

  • Xbox exclusive features:
  • Multiplayer action – 2 to 4 players with four modes to choose from:
    Deathmatch, Kaos, Last Clone Standing and Survivor.
  • Power Ups: add to the fun of the game – there are 5 that you can find while battling your way to freedom: Body Armor, Infinite ammo, Punch decapitate, Helper and Equipment helpers
  • Higher resolution textures result in significantly improved graphics throughout every aspect of the game – the character actions are more fluid, the stores are more inviting and the environments brighter.
  • In-game music playlist support. Rip your own CDs to the hard drive and play to whatever music you like.
  • 5.1 surround sound.
  • 14 new mission specific characters.
  • Ambient characters are now dynamically lit.
  • The missions in Revolution mode have been revamped to add more variety to the XBox version.
  • 60 fps for single player, 30fps for multiplayer.
  • General Features:
  • It’s a riot – a total free-for-all where you have to beat up everything and everyone in order to make your way through the game.
  • 118 diverse and entertaining missions range from protection to punishment.
  • Over 250 people on screen at once – including Corporation enforcers, ruthless gangs and innocent civilians – you’ll have to act strategically to not harm the civilians and to defeat your enemies.
  • Choose from one of five rebels, each with different strengths and weaknesses, each with their own underlying motives for toppling The Corporation.
  • Deep selection of hand-to-hand fighting moves including deadly combinations to master, back attacks, special attacks to free yourself from a crowd, grab attacks and dash attacks. The beatings continue right down to the ground with foot stomp attacks and punches.
  • Tons of super-destructive weapons help you cause mayhem on the streets of Capitol City. The full arsenal includes a pistol, Uzi, AK47, M16, Flame Thrower, Rocket Launcher, Molotov Cocktail, Tazer and Pepper Spray.
  • 4 enormous and fully interactive environments include the Mall, Chinatown, the East Side and Corporation Central.
  • Completely interactive environments let you smash up your surroundings, pick up environmental objects and interact with any of the characters displayed on screen.
  • Whether it is Corporation death squads or ruthless gangs, prepare to fight a LOT of enemies at one time.
  • Absolute mayhem prevails as hundreds of people fill the screen! The citizens of Capitol City have individual reactions to the events around them, some will fight while others cower in fear.
  • Watch yourself – Corporation Enforcers prowl the streets looking to stop trouble and are ready to use any and all means necessary to do so.

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