Strategic Command: WWII Global Conflict

TITLE Strategic Command: WWII Global Conflict
GENRE Strategy
DEVELOPER Fury Software
UK PUBLISHER Excalibur Publishing
NORDIC PUBLISHER Excalibur Publishing

Official Fact Sheet:

Command the forces of over 60 different major and minor nations and send your troops to battle. Major improvements have been made since releasing the last Strategic Command title, ensuring that the unique nature of World War II on a global scale is portrayed realistically. The new War Mobilisation and Belligerence settings properly model the complex war situations that existed during the conflict. Also, for the first time in the series, Germany can be at war with all of the Allied Powers while Japan may only be at war with China and the UK.

  • 2-D isometric tile map with a true-to-scale recreation of the entire world and up to 131,072 tiles (512×256)
  • 64 countries (6 major – UK, China, USA, USSR, Germany, Japan – and 58 minor belligerents)
  • 20 unit types with up to 30 different unit characteristics and stats
  • Over 200 different in-game events as well as over 50 decision events including the US embargo on Japan as well as the UK-US Destroyers for Bases Agreement
  • Critically acclaimed AI engine
  • Fog of War, Weather, Roads, Rail and Convoy Routing and an all new Surface Raiding capability all modelled
  • Strategic Command Global Conflict supports widescreen and native resolutions.

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