The Apprentice

TITLE The Apprentice
GENRE Simulator
DEVELOPER Legacy Interactive
US PUBLISHER Vivendi Games

Official Fact Sheet:

The Apprentice video game will immerse players into the high-stakes business world of “The Apprentice,” giving players the opportunity to compete in corporate America’s toughest job interview. Players will experience the game through the eyes of a hopeful show contestant beginning their journey during the final phases of the audition process and ending with the final boardroom showdown. The game features some of the same ground-breaking elements found in the acclaimed television show: exciting corporate challenges sponsored by real-world corporations, intense boardroom conflict, interpersonal drama and even romance. Featuring Donald Trump, his advisors George and Carolyn, and key contestants from past seasons, “The Apprentice” video game appeals to every fan of the show; from those who have the drive and desire to win, to those who just long to hear Trump’s fateful words, “You’re Fired!”

  • Beat The Apprentice PC game, and be guaranteed an opportunity to interview for a spot in the next Apprentice TV show
  • Compelling business management sim that will appeal to MBA types and entrepreneurs
  • High stakes interpersonal conflict and drama with contestants from the first three seasons that will appeal to fans of the show
  • Real world challenges sponsored by actual companies
  • Create a custom contestant with business skills, personality traits, and unique appearance
  • The Apprentice is NBC’s second most highly rated show, #1 across all shows in adults, 18-49, with incomes of $75,000 or more

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