The Shadow of Zorro

TITLE The Shadow of Zorro
GENRE Action
US PUBLISHER Dreamcatcher

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Official Fact Sheet:

The game begins at a time when Los Angeles is bubbling with excitement and anticipation. A new police chief arrives that very morning from the port of San Pedro. Don Diego (accompanied by Sergeant Garcia and his father Don Alejandro) sees the horse-drawn carriage arriving. As the clumsy Sergeant does his best to whip his patrol into shape to salute their hierarchical superior properly, Don Alejandro suddenly looks as if he’s seen a ghost. He has a feeling he recognises the person who is being introduced as Capitan Montero.

In an abrupt, violent flash, he relives a painful episode from the past. In 1810, as a gentleman living in Spain, Don Alejandro witnessed a horrifying episode during the Peninsular War with Napoleonic France; the Saragossa Massacre. Don Alejandro, faithful to the Spanish cause, almost died under the sword of Capitan Montero.

A traitor to the Spanish nation, this infamous collaborator worked for the imperial French troops. Feared and hated by an entire race of people, he finally succumbed in a duel against Don Alejandro. Later on, he was forced to recount the painful episode of war to his son. Once peace was restored, Don Alejandro moved to a Spanish colony in California.

  • Seven extensive chapters brimming with suspense and seduction, divided into various tasks (spying, rescue missions.)
  • Twenty Eight different locations
  • A blend of fighting styles which increasingly test your metal the further you progress in the game and the harder the level
  • Two degrees of difficulty
  • 700 scenes fully animated in motion capture and a fully animated clock

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