The Sims Superstar

TITLE The Sims Superstar
GENRE Virtual Life
US PUBLISHER Electronic Arts
UK PUBLISHER Electronic Arts

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Official Fact Sheet:

Take your Sims to an online world where you get to be yourself or whoever you want to be. In this world you have your own piece of land to do with as you please. Create a house, coffee bar, dance club, museum, or whatever you can imagine. Explore the neighborhoods around you and meet scores of Sims along the way. Build a network of friends to enhance your power, wealth, reputation and social standing. Be a peacemaker or pest, a recluse or rabble-rouser. In this open-ended, online world, you choose your role, your attitude and your destiny.

  • All new gameplay centered around a new fame score in the game UI.
  • Build skills and win famous Sim friends to advance through ten levels of fame.
  • Sign up with the Talent Agency to embark upon your dreams by looking through the tabloid, which is delivered to your house.
  • Win a variety of different awards for achieving gameplay goals, including The Simmy Award and The Sim Choice Award.
  • All new “Studio Town” location with three distinct themes: movies, music, and fashion.
  • Studio Town also features spa locations, dive bars, and clothing boutiques.
  • All new studio objects, each with mini-games, reward you with fame and large amounts of cash. Earn access to higher level objects as you earn more fame and collect famous friends.
  • Studio objects include: Karaoke Machine, Open Microphone Stage, Soap Opera Set, Music Recording Studio, Photo Shoot Set, Film Set, Music Video Set, and Fashion Runway.
  • Lighten your Sims’ moods at the Oxygen Bar or let your Sim recuperate in the Star Trailer.
  • Sims can fill their stomachs at Studio Town at the all new Sushi Cart, Smoothie Stand, or basic back-stage Buffet Table.
  • Pamper your Sims at the spa, with a brand new suite of objects, including the Massage Table, Mud Bath, and Spa Steamer.
  • Additional new objects for the house include a Skydiving Simulator, a Satellite Dish, an updated pool table, as well as stylish new furniture and top-of-the-line stereo equipment.
  • Meet other famous Sims at Studio Town, or mingle with your adoring fans.
  • Get your picture taken by the Paparazzo and watch out for the Obsessed Fan, who pays you relentless attention if you neglect your fan base.
  • Inside the studio objects, Sims will seek approval from a variety of Studio Town professionals, including the Photographer, Director, Choreographer, Record Producer, and Fashion Designer.
  • Ask for help from Lana, the Studio Town Production Coordinator.
  • Receive awards from the Award Presenter.
  • At home, hire an all new personal Butler, who takes care of your house, hires additional staff, and even looks after the baby.
  • All new walls, floors, and roofs help create the feeling of Studio Town.
  • All new skins complete the offering.
  • Dozens of original Simlish songs ranging from a variety of genres.

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