The Underworld: Crime does Pay

TITLE The Underworld: Crime does Pay
GENRE Action
DEVELOPER Phoenix Ent.

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Official Fact Sheet:

The Underworld: Crime Does Pay™ is a fully 3D combination real-time strategy game/first person shooter which places you in charge of a criminal organization. You will assume control of a small organized crime group and work to expand your power and operations while battling with law enforcement and other organized crime groups for supremacy in a modern day city.

  • Using a variety of different strategies, you will take your small band of criminals and attempt to grow it into a vast and powerful empire. Will you focus on the economic side of organized crime, seeking to maximize your revenues and expand deliberately? Or will you adopt an aggressive approach, sending out your underbosses to violently crush all opposition? The choice is yours. But plan well, as The City will not willingly give itself over to you.
  • The Underworld: Crime Does Pay is a fast-paced and intense game which strives to give the player a total gaming experience. You will manage a wide range of operations with numerous categories and levels of sophistication, including extortion, gambling, fraud, loan sharking and theft. In addition, you will recruit, train and direct a crew of underbosses, each with unique skills, specialties, weapons and other equipment of your choosing.
  • The Underworld: Crime Does Pay has been carefully designed to be equally challenging and enjoyable as a single-player and as a multiplayer game. You can battle against the computer in single-player scenarios or team up with your friends and take on human opponents online.
  • Set in the present day, The Underworld is a realistic struggle for absolute power in The City. You assume the role of an ambitious crime overlord with a world of opportunity within your grasp.

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