Time of Defiance

TITLE Time of Defiance
DEVELOPER Nicely Crafted
US PUBLISHER Strategy First
UK PUBLISHER Oxygen Interactive
NORDIC PUBLISHER Oxygen Interactive

Official Fact Sheet:

Time of Defiance is an online-only massively multiplayer real-time strategy game set across the huge landscape of the shattered world of Nespanona. Fight for conquest of the islands and mine their mineral wealth to expand your empire.

Every other empire you encounter is another human playing online and will remember the deals you didn’t deliver on and the promises you broke. Treachery, propaganda and trade are just as important as your fighting strategy. Have you got what it takes to create an unstoppable empire in your quest to take control of Nespanona?

  • Each player is human, unpredictable and dangerous requiring all of your military, tactical and diplomatic skills.
  • A world that is over 4,000 square kilometers of real distance
  • Use a variety of vessels to conquer the continents, ranging from exploration vessels, tactical vessels, and support ships.
  • Involving game play that can last up to 4 weeks.
  • Active community of experienced players
  • Offers 3 different levels of League play ranging from Easy-Medium-Hard
  • Players from all over the world battle one another on one server
  • Evolving game play with new features, vessels and enhancements added regularly
  • Developing story line revealing the past, present and future of Nespanona
  • 3 distinct races involved, the Cog Dominion, Shadoo Alliance and Nespan Collective. The Nespan have emerged recently on Nespanona and offer new and strange technology to the players
  • Random features: Magnetic Storms, asteroid strikes, quantum disturbances will all affect your decisions during the game.

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