Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon

TITLE Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon
GENRE Strategy
DEVELOPER Rockstar Vancouver
US PUBLISHER Disney Interactive
UK PUBLISHER Disney Interactive
NORDIC PUBLISHER Disney Interactive

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Official Fact Sheet:

Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon is a 3D action, real-time strategy PC game in which players command “solar sail” powered space ships that resemble old-world vessels. Using their wits and courage, players must defend the queen and empire from marauding space pirates and a mysterious new enemy with virtually indestructible “Ironclad” ships. In single player mode, players receive battle training, can tailor their ships and weapons or jump right into their mission. In multi-player mode, up to four players can create customized fleets, including determining the space ships that they will use, the characteristics of their crew, weapons and more, and then go up against each other in strategic combat over the Internet. For players who want immediate action, a skirmish mode provides instantaneous mini-battles. Across all modes, the game features a simple, easy to master interface with advanced options for experienced RTS fans.

  • Battle across the Etherium – an astonishing 3D universe filled with breathtaking space phenomena, and dazzling special effects.
  • Assemble a fleet from over 30 unique ships.
  • Enhance your ships with veteran crew members and an arsenal of 13 unique weapons.
  • Launch the fleet on the internet and challenge opponents to hours of intense online competition.
  • An easy to learn interface enables complex tactical action and strategic scenarios.

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