Trials of Ascension

TITLE Trials of Ascension
DEVELOPER Shadowpool Studios

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Official Fact Sheet:

Though the Age of Shadows has waned, the people of TerVarus face a daunting challenge in reclaiming their ancient glories or forging new places for themselves in a hostile world. But old rivalries die hard, and the arrival of newcomers – among mortals and gods alike – mark the Age of Ascension as an equally dangerous and uncertain time. Still, many hearts hold the quiet hope that with the turning of the ages comes a turn in their fortunes: A brighter future, rather than a return to the darkness of the past.

  • TerVarus is populated by a myriad range of civilized creatures, from the tiny and delicate pixie to the towering and mighty dragon. There are eighteen player races to choose from, each of whom have their own unique aptitudes and abilities, as well as their own preferences and rivalries.
  • Every character in TerVarus is unique in their skills and abilities; gone are the days when one’s powers could be summed up by reference to ‘class’. Player characters can train themselves in virtually any activity that they might wish to pursue, and there is no end to the dizzying heights that they might reach. Of course, mastery in one area comes at the price of competence in another, so players must train wisely.
  • On your way to mastering your selected skills there is an ever present chance that your character could realize an innovative way to improve upon his skill. Be it a new combat maneuver, an improved method of grinding grain or even the invention of a never before seen ship, your character has the potential to unlock mysteries that could change the future of TerVarus forever. The question is, what will you do with your new found discovery? Will you keep it to yourself and reap the profits or will you teach your new innovation to others in hopes of bettering the world? With the innovation system, information becomes a very valuable commodity.
  • TerVaran combat will be unique unto itself. The “Caveman” model of hit and be hit while standing still is dead in TerVarus, and characters can perform a myriad of combat maneuvers to make the perfect fighting character according to their needs and style. Nor is the art of war limited to personal combat: Ship to ship engagements may be both fierce and deadly, and siege warfare will be an important asset to those who harbor ambitions of conquest.
  • When you confront danger in TerVarus, you literally are taking your life in your hands. While player characters are hardy, death leaves a permanent mark upon their soul, weakening their link to the world of the living. Should misfortune befall too often, that link will be lost, and the character’s soul will depart… forever. With this daunting thought comes the tradeoff that only permanent death can offer in the form of a barrier against high level character stagnation and economic bloat.
  • A permanent death is not the only way for a character to end their days. The mighty often leave themselves a permanent legacy in the world in the form of a rare and potent artifact. These relics of the departed are known to bestow a wide range of mysterious powers upon those who are fortunate enough to find them.
  • The faiths of TerVarus are integral to the world, and no one can avoid their touch entirely. The rewards for devoted service can be great, and the collective power of the masses gathering to worship can power minor miracles, which the gods themselves channel through their shrines and priests to aid their followers or beset their enemies.
  • The gods are not the only source of magical power, and the gifted can pursue their own individual mastery of the arcane. This is a dangerous path, for while the rewards can be great, the dangers to body and soul that must be braved have claimed many a would-be magician.
  • The world itself provides challenges, from environmental and weather effects to the fact that individual plants, animals, and other resources are scarce in some regions and more common in others. A wise explorer will prepare appropriately before venturing forth into a hostile region.
  • Gone are the days where the gold piece is king, and where they are more common than the grains of sand upon a beach. Player characters are dependent upon one another to create and trade the goods they need, and a stable economy requires many craftsmen. What value do goods command? That is solely between the parties that are involved in the exchange.
  • Players will build and manage the towns and empires of TerVarus. Governments and civilizations, from cruel dictatorships to benign democracies, evil kingdoms to knightly realms, will all be possible for players to create and run. Settlement diversity and style will be limited only by one’s imagination. Individual citizens of a settlement can build their own homes and businesses within its domain, and a city has a few additional options to enhance its civic infrastructure.

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