Ultima Online: Lord Blackthorn’s Revenge

TITLE Ultima Online: Lord Blackthorn’s Revenge
DEVELOPER Origin Systems
US PUBLISHER Electronic Arts
UK PUBLISHER Electronic Arts

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Official Fact Sheet:

The Internets deepest fantasy world experience, Ultima Online, has been revolutionized with exotic, fantastical creatures from the mind of Todd McFarlane. Enter a world under siege, where evil forces have aligned in an attempt to conqueror and vanquish the virtuous. Over 30 new monsters and creatures designed by Todd McFarlane add a darker, edgier, twist to the once familiar land of Britannia¬ô. A new land mass located in the center of Ilshenar is the setting for the beginning of this dark siege, who will prevail in this legendary battle of good versus evil? What new characters will emerge to protect and defend the “virtuous” of Britannia? And, what frightening and evil foes await them?

New Players entering the game will find an experience tailored to the new user on his maiden journey. Introduction of a Virtue System into the world of Ultima Online adds an additional layer of depth to an already dynamic storyline that allows the players actions to affect the outcome of in-game events and fiction. An exciting and compelling series of in-game events draws players in to the fictional epic unfolding, offering an unparalleled array of choices for players and a vast array of immersive adventures in which to participate. This is truly is the Internets premiere virtual world experience.

  • Over 30 new monsters and creatures concepted from the mind of Todd McFarlane
    Access to the land of Ilshenar for 2D players
  • Over 30 new items to craft, collect, and trade
  • New fiction tied to in-game events in which players determine the outcome
    Monster AI oriented toward strategic combat tactics as opposed to simple skill gain
  • Improved new player experience with user-intuitive help and stronger starting character templates
  • Exotic new mounts all from the mind of Todd McFarlane introduced through fictional scenarios following launch
    New digital music with an mp3-compatible file format

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