Ultimate Ride

TITLE Ultimate Ride
GENRE Simulator
DEVELOPER Imagineering
US PUBLISHER Disney Interactive
UK PUBLISHER Disney Interactive
NORDIC PUBLISHER Disney Interactive

Official Fact Sheet:

In Ultimate Ride’s Imagineering Mode players strive to become a Rollergod by creating the fastest and scariest coaster ever. But it’s not a simple task! Taking on the role of an actual roller coaster designer, they must make one based on a specific criteria, for example, “four loops, a minimum G force of seven and a ride rating of 10”. The game sets up easy, difficult and fun challenges that need to be solved in order to construct the perfect ride. The more challenges a player can overcome the more their reputation as a designer grows. There are 25 different missions in Imagineering mode, each designed to teach players the fundamentals of creating a working and successful coaster.

  • The Free Form mode sends the imagination completely off the rails as it transforms every gamer’s fantasy roller coaster ride into a reality! Players can select different environments from Mountains to Outer Space to Underground Caverns and Engineering Grid. This provides a completely clean slate for players to place props and tracks to create a virtual environment without any interference from the landscape.
  • There are three different types of track to choose from as well, Classic Wooden, Modern Steel or Hanging. There are over 100 props, most of them animated, which can be added to the roller coaster and it’s environment. Some props will even spray water or spit fire as the coaster goes by.
  • To add a distinct style to the creation, players can choose a theme. The ‘Jules Verne’ features structures modelled on parts of the British Empire. In this theme, when the roller coaster speeds past the Big Ben structure, the bells chime and its cannons fire! There are another two to experiment with as well, Dragon’s Realm and Outer Space.
  • Players can also choose the lighting effect, either dawn, dusk or mid-day but most importantly, they get to decide upon the steepness of the dips and the frequency of the corkscrews and loops! They can choose the type of music for the ride from a selection of funky tunes provided or they can import one of their own favourite tracks.

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