Universal Studios: Monsterville

TITLE Universal Studios: Monsterville
GENRE Strategy

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Official Fact Sheet:

It’s election time! Play the Universal Studios Monsterville CD-Rom as one of the Monsters and use your supernatural powers to frighten the locals into pledging their support for your campaign. Each of the creatures has a special power, phobias and specific needs. Dracula needs blood, is afraid of crucifixes, possesses a hypnotising gas and metamorphoses into a bat! Whereas Quasimodo needs to hear the sound of bells and enchant voters by singing sweet songs about cathedrals.

  • The Monsters acquire objects which they spread throughout the city to bolster their powers or frighten the opposition. A well-placed mirror will scare Quasimodo away because he cannot bear what he looks like but it will help Dracula track down his prey…
  • The player’s main objective is to convince humans to vote for his Monster. Dracula should get a lot of votes but it is unlikely that a human he has already attacked would agree to vote for him!
  • To get the most support, it’s vital you take control of various buildings throughout the city – the hospital to supply Dracula with blood and make him stronger or brains, a particular favourite of Metaluna. Or maybe take control of a particular building to hamper another candidate’s election aspirations – the same Hospital will terrorise Frankenstein who considers that one operation in a lifetime is quite enough. You need to win allies to help you – the monster controlling the cemetery will receive the support of the Mummy.
  • If one of the Universal Monsters is successful, it could create houses to attract minions – Vampires for Dracula or Aliens for Metaluna. They will help the monster convince the crowds to vote for them by speaking to the citizens of the city, organising events and putting up posters.
  • Monsterville is a real time 3D management game developed by Intelligent Games with five levels of difficulty. A zoom allows the player to position himself at the same level as the monsters and inhabitants of the city, or move back to have an overall view of the map.
  • In this humorous B movie atmosphere, fun and off-key, you have to be an astute tactician to successfully complete the missions assigned to the various monsters to finish the campaign. Once these are accomplished, a ‘skirmish’ mode will allow play to continue. Let the voting commence!

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