Vegas: Make It Big

TITLE Vegas: Make It Big
GENRE Strategy
DEVELOPER Deep Red Games
US PUBLISHER Empire Interactive
UK PUBLISHER Empire Interactive
NORDIC PUBLISHER Empire Interactive

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Official Fact Sheet:

Vegas: Make It Big comes from the team that brought you the successful Monopoly Tycoon (600,000 sales to date). The game tasks the player to start his own hotel casino at the lower end of the famous Vegas Strip and gradually work his way to the top end and the millions waiting there.

If you want to succeed then you need to target everyone and remember there’s a different type of punter during the day to the night. Bargain buffets can draw them in the morning, entertainers will keep them milling around during the day and cabaret shows will drag them back in the evening. But whatever your persuasion it’s about getting their chips on the tables and stuffing money into the slots.

Higher and lower the rates of your tables to keep everyone happy and within their means but keep your eye open for that Holy rail of the casinos – the high rolling Whales. The big spenders are few and far between but if you can attract one to your hotel then you stand to make millions from them in a single night, but of course, as is the way of Vegas you could lose millions to them as well.

  • Developed by respected developer Deep Red and the team behind Monopoly Tycoon.
  • Manage a hotel from humble beginnings at the wrong end of The Strip until you ‘Make It Big’ with a true over the top Vegas hotel.
  • 10 Hotel Themes to build in a full 3D environment. And once you’ve built them take time to explore your hotel inside and out as well as cast a glance at what the public is doing and playing.
  • A truly living world, even the cars can affect business and you can ride the Taxis
  • Kit out your hotel with your own gambling combination of Roulette, Craps, Black Jack and Slots to lure those punters to fleece.
  • Add extra attractions for the families with cabaret acts, magic shows, street entertainers and buffets, or target the stag nights and business men with more red light amusements.
  • Choose between running a straight hotel or one with a more open look at cheating – just make sure you don’t get caught.
  • Also make sure your own security is tight to stop thieves and high class gambling crooks don’t have a dabble at cheating as well.
  • Remember to keep an eye on your opponents hotels – make sure you keep up with attractions and undercut them in the right areas to keep your hotel competitive.

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