Vivisector: Beast Inside

TITLE Vivisector: Beast Inside
DEVELOPER Action Forms

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Official Fact Sheet:

The year is 1878. A twisted scientific genius by the name of Dr Morhead is exiled from Britain for his fiendish experiments on animals. Ostracised by the establishment, he establishes a new laboratory on the distant Island of Soreo where he continues his life’s work only to find that he is little bit too successful. Something goes awry and all communication is lost with the island.

  • Our own AtmosFear engine that combines both indoor and outdoor rendering technologies. It is fully packed to support all modern hardware and deliver cutting edge features.
  • Rain rendering code is capable of processing huge outdoor areas filled with photo-realistic vegetation. There are merely no restrictions on where you move within an area.
  • Absolutely new indoor renderer, powered by V-COLD editor incorporates full set of features being standard today, and even more.
  • State-of-the-art Visual Compound Objects Level Design (V-COLD) system is a very powerful, comprehensive and easy to use level-processing tool. Featuring compound objects and hierarchy of operands for boolean operations, it brings a possibility to create and change geometry of the finished level in a trice.
  • Deep and twisted interactive storyline will hold your breath throughout the game.
  • Character development system. Train your skills and upgrade your weapons.
  • Absolutely never-seen-before enemies, called ModBeasts and Humanimals, each with unique abilities, tactics and firepower.
  • Intuitive Scoring system encourages you to explore the game and play much more effectively. Use hard-achieved points to evolve your character and upgrade equipment.
  • In order to avoid you from getting lost within huge game levels of the world of Vivisector, the game contains birds-eye Map view and special waypoints. These waypoints, called beacons, form the route of your progression through the game. Trackers and military guards use them to control the territory. You will be able to use them as well to heal yourself, get ammo and distribute scored points.

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