Warzone 2100

TITLE Warzone 2100
GENRE Strategy
DEVELOPER Pumpkin Studios
US PUBLISHER Eidos Interactive
UK PUBLISHER Eidos Interactive
NORDIC PUBLISHER Eidos Interactive

Official Fact Sheet:

In this sophisticated strategy game you have to defend your central command post and push back the approaching hordes. By gathering resources and researching different components, you will be able to piece together customised units to tackle the specific task at hand. Using a robot camera with a killer zoom lens, you get an unobstructed view of the action, which takes place on a fully rotatable 3-D landscape.

  • Over 400 technologies to research.
  • Over 2,000 different units to design.
  • 3 large campaign maps to conquer.
  • 24 fast-play mission maps for extra action.
  • Intelligence display sets objectives dynamically.

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