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Wildlife Park 3 Preview

Wildlife Park 3 for PC Preview

Anyone who loves animals is probably anxiously awaiting the April 8th, 2011 release of Wildlife Park 3 for PC.  Just like its two popular predecessors, the game will offer realistic animal simulation as well as management and strategy requirements.  The series may not be quite as popular as others but considering this installment will be available in more than 100 countries after being translated into 13 different languages, it is sure to gather even more dedicated fans this time around.


In Wildlife Park 3, you basically have the opportunity to be the manager of a modern animal park.  You are using the tools given to you to build and fill the park with animals, plants, visitor attractions and enclosures but you also have to market your business and gain customers, all while keeping the animals healthy and happy.  Of course, this means that you have to consider the diverse needs of a couple dozen species, hire animal keepers to take care of them and their offspring and train the keepers to do their job properly.  All this work and you still haven’t opened the park!


The thrilling campaign in Wildlife Park 3 takes you on 20 missions around the world as well as additional mini quests.  In campaign mode, there are exciting scenarios, requiring you to rescue endangered animals and also return some back to the wild.  When you’re in freeplay mode, you create your park with animated plants, select visitor facilities and of course, add the animals.

Every animal has special environmental and dietary needs that must be considered during the designing process of your park as well.  If you’ve played the series and are familiar with the concept, you’ll be excited to learn that the management component has been expanded significantly.  Hot air balloons, monorails and airships will provide your guests with a memorable experience but they certainly must not interfere or bother the animals.

You will also probably find the weather system that has been added to Wildlife Park 3 pretty cool.  Now rain and other undesirable weather conditions that come up will affect your guests, flora and fauna.  Of course, if your stores are properly stocked, visitors can buy umbrellas!


As expected from this series, graphics are clean, pleasing and detailed enough to provide realism.  There are over 30 types of plants and they all grow true to life with their proper fruiting and flowering phases.  Some individual animals can be even made using a menu of coat markings, manes, tails, etc., requiring you to utilize your own creativity.

The graphics in Wildlife Park 3 for PC are expected to deliver just what you need to keep the game satisfying.  As long as you don’t expect too much, you won’t be disappointed.  You may enjoy seeing the detailed wrinkles on the elephants up close but the background will certainly be nothing that will distract you or beckon for your attention.


Wildlife Park 3 is going to do just what the first two installments did, satisfy but not overly excite.  It is expected to be a fun game with a lot of possible scenarios but nothing so overwhelmingly challenging that you’ll have to dig deep into your strategic mind to complete it.  Fans of the series will enjoy this game, just as they have in the past and due to the extensive availability in additional countries, even more gamers will have the chance to get hooked on this simple yet fulfilling campaign.

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