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Portal 2 Preview

Portal 2 for PC Preview

It seriously feels as though fans have been waiting an obnoxiously long time for Portal 2 for PC.  Hopefully this means that the new science-fiction thriller will live up to the expectations being created based on brief clips of gameplay that have been provided.  Without a doubt, Valve Software probably never anticipated the positive and enthusiastic response that the original Portal generated but it is certain that they know that they did something right and want to make sure the sequel lives up to even the most outrageous expectations.


While it is unclear exactly how much time has passed in the continuation of the storyline, it is suggested to be quite awhile.  In the game’s first few minutes, Chell awakes after the events that happen in the first game and is discovered by Wheatley who ushers her into the Aperture Science.  It is clear that time has been more than hard on these grounds which were once so pristine and it is also suggested that Chell is the last test subject still alive.  You are about to be without power so you and your amusing and quite witty sidekick need to get out fast!


Fans are lead to believe that there will be some sort of connection between the multiplayer and single-player campaign but it isn’t yet revealed how.  You will appreciate that there are now glowing outlines that shine through on the map so you have an easier time keeping track of where you’ve been which is pretty helpful considering the environments are a whole lot bigger.

Portal 2 for PC is giving you an abundance of turrets too!  What would the game be without everyone’s favorite enemy?  You even get to learn a little about their culture this time around, information a good sequel would reveal to tie the games together.

If you were one of the many who complained about the length of the original Portal, you won’t be crying with this installment.  In fact, the single-player campaign is about twice as long as its predecessor.  Valve heard the whining and answered back with almost a ridiculously long response on this one.


There is not a question of how great the graphics will be but rather, can your computer handle them?  There’s a lot going on in Portal 2 and with the addition of the propulsion gel and repulsion gel (two new puzzle elements), your screen will be busier than ever.

The environments are much more detailed and the personality cores are significantly more animated, two huge improvements that fans were looking for.  Oh, and the paint through the maze-like campaign is extraordinary!


To say the least, Portal 2 for PC is going to be big!  There’s a reason why Valve took so incredibly long finishing this sequel, they put a lot of thought into this one and fixed the little things that kept the original Portal from being rated as an exceptional game.  You should also know that your favorite character from the last game that got blown to hell makes a return too and she isn’t too pleased to say the least.  Here’s a hint, her name starts with a G and ends with an S, watch for her!

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