World Football 2006-2007

TITLE World Football 2006-2007
GENRE Collection
DEVELOPER To Be Announced
UK PUBLISHER Greenstreet Online Ltd
NORDIC PUBLISHER Greenstreet Online Ltd

Official Fact Sheet:

A brand new collection of THREE great football games for your PC. From the challenging Football Champions Quiz for 1 to 4 players with over 1000 all NEW questions on the World Cup 2006 – to fast moving Football games where you have to use all of your footballing skills and tactics to take your team all the way to the championships – this incredible collection is guaranteed to keep everyone on the edge of their seats.

  • Football Champions Quiz: Whether you are football expert or a complete novice – this exciting quiz with smooth TV-like graphics and sound will challenge and entertain everyone. Choose to play on your own or with up to 3 friends. There’s 3 different quiz modes to choose from including Random Question, Classic Countdown and Fastest Buzzer. Includes a massive 1000 new questions on World, European and UK Football and there’s even more that can be downloaded from the internet FREE. Got a good question you would like to add – upload it to the website and challenge 1000’s of other players around the World.
  • Kick & Rush: Featuring 120 European teams and around 2000 players, this all action 3D football game has it all – great graphics and ultra smooth play with intelligent camera positioning to instantly locate your fellow players on the pitch. It’s non-stop action as you challenge the other teams to score the winning goal to guarantee your teams place in the championships.
  • Five-a-Side Football: Captures all the fun and competition of the Sunday kick-about – it really is football fun at it’s very best. Choose your team and battle it out with over 30 other teams in your bid to go all the way to the championships. With just five team members, play is fast and furious with spectacular ultra-sonic 3D motion. Choose from 32 teams and 8 venues, you can even challenge your friends using the multiplayer feature.

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