Xtreeme Forces

TITLE Xtreeme Forces
GENRE Strategy
DEVELOPER Raptor Entertainment

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Official Fact Sheet:

The whole world has been shattered due to a major nuclear war. Earth has been transformed into a torn down planet with destruction, wreckage and chaos spread across. Very few civilizations manage to overcome this tragedy and survive it. Realizing the ill effects of the past, a committee is formed called the “United Colonies Front” a global ruling group. This group imposes high restrictions on the citizens. The people do not have freedom like they once had. The people are governed by certain strict rules. This was done by the UCF to keep the citizens from giving rise to another war. The UCF is a highly armed and equipped front possessing weaponry and technology that existed before the nuclear war. These were kept away from the citizens and were used when necessary to bring them to control. The citizens were harassed by the stringent laws and rules of the UCF. Several anti UCF groups were formed by certain groups of citizens at different locations around the globe, who could not tolerate the ways of the UCF. These fronts were formed to overthrow the existing rule of the UCF and restore the previous way of life. These anti-UCF groups slowly grew bigger by merging, as they found each other with common thoughts, and acquired technology and blueprints of certain war units. This was a highly classified group which gained a lot of ground without the UCF’s knowledge and was called the “Freedom Front”. There are three types of groups, “Freedom Front” – Anti UCF, the pro UCF and the neutral group.

The player starts of as a normal citizen in the society governed by the UCF. The “Freedom Front” offers the player a chance to join the group. The player can either join, or decline and join the UCF group. The player is then assigned the post of an army general, commanding a small army. From here, the story can go in any direction based on the way the player plays. The story of the game is extremely non-linear and is very gripping. Also, the player can back stab the UCF by stealing all the technology and join the “Freedom Front” at any stage of the game. The player can also back out of the “Freedom Front” at any point and join the UCF by giving out key locations and secrets of the “Freedom Front”.

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