Xtreme Air Racing

TITLE Xtreme Air Racing
GENRE Simulator
DEVELOPER Victory Simulations

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Official Fact Sheet:

Access the game in multi-player mode over the Victory Air Racing Network. The SoundMAX audio will also set a new standard for all air racing simulations as each plane engine runs in real-time and will react to variances in altitude, velocity, twists and turns. You can also record your own announcer tracks and even put your own name in the game.

As a virtual pilot, indulge in aerobatic stunts or test your survival skills by dog fighting in the air combat section. If you blow an engine, and don’t coast back to the pits, you’ll be lucky if you make a successful dead-stick landing and survive to tell the tale. Xtreme Air Racing is one of the few racing games where engine management during a race is critical. Go for it!

  • Stunning 3-D graphics with meticulous attention to aircraft detail and terrain.
  • 15 courses via 5 different regions including the Reno desert, European Alps & Thailand jungles.
  • 3 levels of difficulty, offering challenging game play for beginners and experts alike.
  • Extensive aircraft selection of over 20 different models in the Unlimited Class.
  • Unlock tracks and fly new aircraft as you advance.
  • Flexible and entertaining mulit-player mode for up to 8 players.
  • Fly in a single race or entire season with 3 racing seasons via progressive levels of difficulty.
  • Experience spectacular crashes and special effects.
  • Realistic flight physics with over 200 independent variables in the airframe.
  • “Hoover’s Hints” will put Bob Hoover in the co-pilot seat to coach you around the course.
  • Air combat and Stunt modes
  • Extensive replay tools – record races and study racing techniques from all angles.
  • Race announcer gives the “play by play” and reacts in real-time to events during a race.
  • Ability to record your own voice as the announcer and name your own planes and pilots.
  • Wake turbulence from other aircraft.
  • Aircraft set-up and modification – tune the aircraft to track layout and weather conditions.
  • Dynamic, 3-D engine and sound effects.
  • Advanced AI adjusts to skill of player and makes every race competitive.
  • Optimised for hardware acceleration.

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