APB PC Game Review

Are you a creative type who craves the occasional adrenalin rush? If so, then APB (All Points Bulletin) may be the game for you. Excitement comes from a near frenzy of driving in streets jam-packed with cars trying to dodge and run at the same time. The close simulation of open urban car chases and vandalism is sure to set your heart beating. However, this isn’t your typical sort of game like you would expect from a shooter or racer, APB combines many genres into one.

The choice of thrills seems endless, for example, when giving chase to criminals, who are in a getaway car, you can choose to have other officers hanging out of the windows, shooting at the fleeing criminals. The excitement that you will derive from this game is maximum, especially if you like to play in urban settings.

You create your own characters and that is what is so great about this game. You can either play the criminal or the law enforcer – depending on how the mood takes you. But whatever character you choose to play, the battles, though short lived, are intense and very exciting.

This game was developed with just you in mind, leaving much room for customization, where you can personalize everything from your tattoos to the shoes you wear. Players from both factions are allowed to pick everything that they use, from weaponry, vehicles, shoes and even underwear. APB is very much a player’s own personal game.

Talking of vehicles, you will be allowed to purchase your own, and then pimp them with color, music and all police fittings. You can create emblems and logos and stick them to your clothing and to your cars to create a personal mark on the game. APB might not leave an indelible mark on you, but after you have customized everything, but you are surely going to leave one on it.

You are allowed to create, recreate and edit themes that you might want to include in the game. It is as though the developer did not know what the player’s preferences would be and so left enough room to just give things your own personal theme. In other words, every player is given an opportunity to make his game as personal as possible. APB has chat channels that allow you to listen to the chit chat as you drive past other cars and players. This is a game that some critics think is the best simulation ever of an urban setting in today’s crime ridden towns and cities. Players are not restricted in speech and therefore expect to hear some expletives as you play along.

APB is a game for creative minds. What is inbuilt cannot even match what you can create. You create your own team of players – either police officers or crime gangs – and then, hopefully, when you start bashing in doors, you will encounter a counterattack team. This is what makes APB even more exciting – the thrill of meeting the unknown.

This game is based around a new concept and therefore has lots going for it, such as the large amount of customization options, the range of online facilities and the overall GTA type feeling. However, there are parts of the game that just don’t seem to work as you might ideally expect, such as its action mechanics and driving. All Points Bulletin is certainly worth checking out but you should bear in mind that you might need some spare cash if you intend to spend much time with this game, because a lot of features are only unlockable by purchasing the games virtual currency.

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