StarCraft 2 Wings of Liberty Review

StarCraft Wings is an old game that was released in 1998. Despite the fact that it has been on the market for so long, it is surprising that it has managed to retain the loyalty of its customers. In most cases, games only last for a short while and then clients get bored with them and move on to new and more interesting ones. There are no other games that have ever been introduced in the market that got anywhere close to breaking the record of this game. StarCraft is and has been the undisputed favorite of all PC gamers.  One thing that makes this game stand out in the gaming industry, despite the old graphics, is the level of compatibility with new ones.  There are some classes being held at MIT to assist in coming up with a sequel.

The Blizzard Company has proved itself a winner at all times. It is the one responsible for designing StarCraft games – and the successor games that include the Warcraft series.  These games have been designed with a tri-balanced formula that is awaiting approval after 10 years.  The details surrounding the Starcraft 2 release have been kept in the dark. Everyone is anxiously looking forward to see whether it was worth waiting for this game for so long.

This game has not changed that much. Some of the elements that were present in the other games are still to be found here.  Some of the things that have been retained in this game include building bases, training units, micromanaging in the battlefield and the fun of controlling the game by the speed of the mouse. This game depends on how wily the players are. The ability to destroy the assailant army and progress is essential. The old fashioned game only facilitates the basics of using the controls; and then there are games of trial and error that you can play. The current version comes with a well detailed tutorial version that can assist gamers to understand the game strategy.

The new games that Blizzard is releasing onto the market are receiving a warm welcome. The initial games feature more action than before. Starcraft 2 consists of close to 30 chapters that are filled with several missions and narrations. Time in between missions is spent developing technology, talking to friends and match briefing.

Another way that this game has managed to stay in the industry is the fact that they have introduced diversity. This diversity of games ensures that all games will be easily found. Regardless of how long you have been playing games that are associated with Blizzard, you will not get bored, as there will be a variety of games to choose from.

After the game is over, the new version provides an option where you can get post play action. You can click on events that you found to be more amazing. For people who are just learning how to play these games, they will have a good chance to see the mistakes they made when they were playing.

The Starcraft 2 has also done well in terms of graphics and audio. The graphics are very visible and look real. The audibility of the movie has icons and catchphrases that give the characters credibility.

Novice gamers are also given a chance to learn this new game.  Depending on the level of how many games one wins, this one will automatically determine the level of game that a certain gamer is supposed to take. New gamers are provided with a simple version of the game that is suitable for their level of play.

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