TITLE Stung!
GENRE Action
DEVELOPER Prey Digital

Official Fact Sheet:

Choosing from one of up to six different characters, each with slightly varying abilities and attributes, the player must battle his way through a variety of realistically modeled levels, each based on familiar environments but seen from a completely different perspective. As well as fighting his way through hordes of gun toting enemy bugs and dangerous larger creatures, the player must also avoid other dangers that could seriously damage his health; steam from boiling kettles, inescapable spider webs, extremely sticky flypaper traps and of course the deadly bug spray! Of course, being able to fly does prove to be extremely useful in avoiding these hazards and getting up to hard to reach places, where there may be a hidden weapon or power up just ripe for the taking!

There will be twelve main locations, of which most will be divided into two or three sub-levels. These sub-levels will still be large areas with ‘checkpoints’ which have to be completed correctly to allow the player to continue to the next stage. Initially the player will start with only basic weaponry, but as he progresses through the game more advanced and powerful weapons will become available along with other items such as spare ammunition and first aid packs. Similarly, the enemies that the player encounters as he progresses through the game will become more heavily armed, more intelligent and more heavily armoured, requiring the player to become accustomed to the strengths and weaknesses of the various different weapons that become available to him. The player must also gain familiarity with the flying capabilities of the insects as certain key areas within the levels can only be reached in this way. Playing with an insect that does not have flying capabilities will require the player to interact with his on screen environment in order to gain access to the difficult to reach areas.

  • Online and LAN gaming will be fully implemented in Stung! allowing for the player to take part in both death-matches and team play. Specific levels will be carefully designed for use in these modes which will contain lots of intriguing places for the player to explore as well as the main battle areas.
  • The death-match levels will be classic killing action – shoot first, ask questions later, while the team games will be variations on well established gameplay ideas. ‘Capture the Flag’ becomes ‘Capture the Flea’ – with the players competing to score points by successfully maintaining possession of the elusive flea. ‘Protect the Queen’ will require one team to guard the ant nest base while the opposing team must try to gain access allowing them to find, and assassinate the Queen Ant who is hiding deep within the catacombs of the nest.
  • Since the Fifties the military had been using top secret scientific research to explore the possibilities of using insects as weapons of war. Undetectable by radar, able to access high security facilities, carry viruses and even in some cases able to survive a nuclear blast, the potential was enormous. However, as the cold war came to an end and funding became more difficult to come by, the top brass decided to put an end to the project, shutting down the laboratories and transferring the scientists to other more necessary research.
  • Now, in the present day, a group of genetically enhanced, highly intelligent (well, mostly!) and angry insects have escaped from a long abandoned research station. Heavily armed with an array of tiny yet deadly weapons they have vowed revenge on the human race. On their way out of the laboratory they managed to take with them a vial of the secret formula which turns average, everyday bugs into super effective killing machines, meaning that their insect army will grow and grow…
  • It is a day or two before a routine security patrol notices that something is amiss and informs the relevant department at the Ministry of Defence. The scientists that had been involved with the project were hastily gathered together to formulate the best way of keeping a lid on the whole affair. Eventually it is decided that the only solution is to fight fire with fire. Another highly trained and enhanced insect will be revived to track down and destroy the rogue bugs!…………..

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