Worms Reloaded PC Review

For people who are computer nerds, it is impossible for them not to be informed about games that are new in the industry and available in their PCs.  They spend a lot of time going through different games available. Worms is one of those games established in the field of video games.  The revival of Worms signs the return of the 2D battlefield. This game has been popular since 2001, and has seen improved versions since then.

One thing that can’t escape the notice of gamers is the familiarity that Worms reloaded has.  Gamers who understood this game well some 12 years ago when it was ranking highly in the charts, can tell that there are some aspects that have been retained. You will recognize some features easily. Nonetheless, the reloaded game will do gamers good. There are some features in this game that are making it just a good option for use at other places.

One of the features of this game remaining a favorite – despite having been out of the market for so long – is the granular level creation. The plot and the set up of the game were also a hit when the game was introduced in the market for the first time. These features have been retained, but with some improvements to meet the current standards. These features act as a hallmark symbol of Worms Reloaded. Clients tend to be loyal to the symbols that have been used in the past. Gamers who were fond of the Worms game in the early 90s when it was a hit, will have an easy task playing a game that they are aware of. The only difference is a little improvement that has been done on the structure of the game.

The loading screens that are used are quite different in appearance. People who are familiar with the old version of Worms Reloaded are definitely going to find this game very different from the older versions. The difference cannot be attributed to newer versions of PCs, as even the old models show the same features in a similar way. This is one distinguishing factor between the old and new versions of Worms Reloaded. However, this game is still attractive despite the minor changes.

The game features a group of warriors who are armed with a variety of gun types. This army is supposed to use these guns to go over various landscapes as they battle different kinds of armies. The battle creates challenges that add spice to the battle. To avoid getting bored by a single version, there are some pseudo modes available. These modes are meant to adjust the level of difficulty of the game.  The harder you adjust the mode, the more skills you will require to solve the problems. This challenge makes Worms Reloaded a favorite among professionals, since they are capable of creating challenges whenever they become too familiar with the game.

The battling in this game is improved. There is Ninja rope fighting and escape techniques. However, there is less killing compared to the previous version. The graphics that are used here are also attractive. Gamers who are attempting to play this game tend to develop loyalty.

The sound, music and voices that are used by this game are effective. They are capable of passing on information just like Team 17 had in mind. The comments, jokes and humor are well passed to the gamers.

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