Riddle of the Sphinx 2: The Omega Stone

TITLE Riddle of the Sphinx 2: The Omega Stone
GENRE Adventure
DEVELOPER Omni Adventures
US PUBLISHER The Adventure Company
UK PUBLISHER Dreamcatcher

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Official Fact Sheet:

You’ve explored the Great Pyramid…. Escaping its curses; revealing its secrets. You solved a Riddle perplexing mankind for ages… the Riddle of the Sphinx unveiling a treasure sought after throughout the millennia.

And, with the discovery of a second prophetic scroll, an ominous mystery is unraveling. Now, the epic adventure continues… Travel to the ends of the earth in search of a lost history. Decipher clues left by the ancients, along with noted archaeologist Sir Gil Blythe Geoffrey’s evolving translation of a second cryptic scroll. Reveal a devastating history that predicts our future!

The Giza Sphinx – excavating additional chambers and discovering the recorded histories and technologies of a forgotten past. Chichen Itza – search through the ruins to decipher cryptic Mayan codices… discover lost chambers, tombs and passageways overlooked for centuries deep within the exotic Yucatan jungle. Stonehenge – explore the mysterious megaliths, uncovering a secret sect of Celtic Priests and Guardians. Easter Island – examine the Moi, unearth mystical relics in a new archaeological dig, and adventure into the eerie caves and underground dwellings on this remote island. The Devil’s Triangle – untangle the myths and decode the source of volatility in these fabled waters, undertaking dangerous dives and examining an ancient shipwreck holding the keys to many of today’s mysteries. Atlantis – where the ancient technology designed by a forgotten people is revealed, and you discover the secret linking all of these ancient civilizations. Solve the far-reaching mystery – The Omega Stone.

  • Stunningly realistic 3D replications of the world’s most mysterious sites: Chichen Itza, Stonehenge, Easter Island, Devil’s Triangle (including Bimini), and the ruins of Atlantis.
  • Unrestricted access and exploration of archaeological sites currently off limits to tourists.
  • A haunting original score evoking the unique but primitively similar spirit of each environment.
  • Real-time environmental effects (rain, sun, water, etc.), with full 360° environment exploration.
  • Over 50 hours of immersive gameplay with puzzles and challenges throughout.
  • Uncompromising graphical details
  • Breathtaking underwater dive scenes and exploration.
  • Historically and archaeologically accurate reference material at each location.
  • Full screen animations, video, and cut scenes, with in-game real-time animations and video.

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