Smash Up Derby

TITLE Smash Up Derby
GENRE Racing
DEVELOPER CITY interactive
UK PUBLISHER City Interactive

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Official Fact Sheet:

Smash up Derby is a fast and dynamic arcade racing game bringing the idea of destruction derby back to the new millennium! In this game, like in no other, you will face competition with expanded, heavily tuned cars who, apart from aiming to win, will do all to crash your car and get you out of the race.

  • Racing in a type of destruction derby, the very interesting and proven genre with no other pc titles available
  • 28 different tracks in different environment such as rally, cross, arena or parking lot
  • 20 powerful cars able to drive up to 180 mph
  • Contact style game (smashing, pushing and destroying)
  • Fast and dynamic drive
  • Extended model of car interaction: dirt, body deformation, destroying varnish, losing body elements
  • Special effects: dynamic perspective, “bullet-time”, skid marks, dust, sparks, and flairs
  • Hundreds of physic objects on tracks such as tires, posts, concrete stoppers, cartons
  • Using of the most powerful physic engine “Havok”
  • Game developed on Virtools engine
  • 6000 polygons used for each car built with around 10 materials of different visual and physic features
  • Up to 50.000 polygons and 80 different materials used for each track
  • Controlling with keyboard, steering wheal, pad or joystick
  • Force Feedback and Vibration Force functions
  • Singleplayer with extended career option
  • Up to 16 players in multiplayer mode via LAN/Internet.
  • 3D sound and different sound backgrounds
  • Music done by WAWA (their song “No problem” was in top40 UK chart)

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